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Together, we can impact generations. Because mentally strong moms raise mentally strong kids. 


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Hey Mama,


Whether you are ready to prioritize your own mental health so you can be exactly the mom your child needs, or if you are looking for help for your child, you're in the right place. 

I'm Ashley Jangro. I am a former teacher, a certified life coach, and most importantly, a mom. 

I coaching using cognitive restructuring techniques, or "brain training."

Let's get started building your metal health legacy today!

About Me

Ashley makes me feel heard, never judged, understood, and empowered. I am so grateful for her ability to pivot where she sees a need, but will not let up when helping me meet my goals.

Monica D.

Brain Training Can Help You

These are just a few examples of ways clients have used the cognitive restructuring that comes from brain training

Feel Better

Decrease negative thought loops, default to positive perspectives

Get "Unstuck"

Always make the "right" decision quickly and confidently without ruminating

Trust Yourself

Know that when you decide to do something, it's as good as done

Meet a Goal

Lose weight, earn more, start exercising, whatever it is, maintain momentum and always follow through

Complete a Project

Get organized, stop procrastinating, cross the finish line, without become overwhelmed

Eliminate Unwanted Behaviors

Stop overdrinking, losing your temper, or overspending

Feel More Confident

No more imposter syndrome

Overcome Negative Feelings

Anxiety, overwhelm, and worry will no longer hold any power over you

Have More Time

Decrease busyness to increase efficiency and add hours to your day

Angie S.

After coaching with Ashley, I had my most productive day ever. Tackled so many little things that usually eat away at me. Feels amazing!!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

How Does Brain Training Work?

Through 1-on-1 coaching, you will retrain your brain using

  • Brain hacks to increase neuroplasticity, or your brain's ability to learn, retain, and apply something new
  • A method to use "failures" as a way to increase likelihood of success
  • Strategies to better utilize your parasympathetic nervous system to handle any emotion
  • Techniques to make new responses, thoughts, and behaviors feel automatic and effortless
  • Tools that prevent you from relying on limited mental resources such as self-discipline or "white-knuckling"
  • Methods to operate out of the left side of your frontal lobe, to increase motivation, momentum, and positive thought
Even when I couldn’t see my own problem, Ashley could. Her questions helped me think more deeply about what I was experiencing and how I was contributing to the exact problem I was trying to solve.  She glows with enthusiasm and care, and I really felt that she had my back the whole time.  I’d highly recommend her for someone looking for the support and encouragement to make bold life changes.

Erika D.

Resources for every stage of the journey

Ebooks and Courses

Learn on your own to rewire your brain in a variety of ways


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Current Focus: Stop Overdrinking

Feel in Control of Your Drinking

Do you feel uncomfortable with how much you drink? Download the free ebook "5 Tools to Retrain Your Brain (to feel more in control of your drinking) and learn strategies to regain your power over alcohol.

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Become the Kind of Drinker You Want to Be


Do you want to be a social drinker? Be able to take it or leave it? Be able to stop after 2 drinks?

Alcohol Independence is a  6-week personalized 1-on-1 coaching program that will help you become exactly the kind of drinker you want to be AT NO COST TO YOU! (Sort of. There's a catch.)

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Get Ongoing Support to Change Your Drinking Habits

Join the "Feel in Control of your Drinking" Facebook group to learn strategies to overwrite the reward system in your brain that keeps you coming back to alcohol out of habit, how to handle "failures," and more. I provide weekly lessons to help you regain your power over alcohol and remain available to provide support.

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Do you feel uncomfortable with how much you drink?

Maybe you feel uncomfortable even asking yourself that question. 

But it still lingers in the back of your mind. That you should drink less. Maybe you've even tried, but somehow you eventually end up right back where you started. 

Only you know how you feel about how much you drink. But if you're uncomfortable, or uncomfortable even facing the issue, you're in the right place. 

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