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Ashley Jangro

Hi, I'm Ashley Jangro

This is my story

My life used to be... messy


I drank too much. I weighed more than I wanted. I got angry easily and fought with friends and family. I did not follow through on my commitments. My house, my schedule, and my life, was disorganized. I was overwhelmed by life and by what I thought I needed to do to change it.  

I believed I was powerless to change it. Even when I knew what to do to change, I didn't trust myself to follow through with doing the work necessary to change. 

Then I discovered Life Coaching. Not just any life coaching, but the best. 

First - I learned about my brain. I could see how my brain was working exactly as it should, and I stopped living in shame about my behavior. 

Then - I learned to use the exact systems and processes in my brain that were keeping me stuck to get myself unstuck. 

Every aspect of my life improved very quickly. Within weeks I had lost a significant amount of weight, lost interest in alcohol, and began creating a life (and relationships) that I didn't want or need to avoid. I got control over my home, my time, and my life. My husband (only sort of jokingly) started referring to me as Ashley 2.0. 

I knew from the beginning that the changes were permanent. That I had left my "before" and entered my "after." But now that everyone else knows it too, I want to help everyone experience their own "after."

I want to help you become your own 2.0 version.

I am a natural educator, but I also have my Masters in Education. I am a natural counselor, but I also nearly have a Masters in Counseling (I stopped a few credits short of completing my degree to pursue Brain Coaching instead). 

My coaching is trauma informed, personalized to your needs and goals, and will change your life.

Are you ready to live in your "after?"

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Even when I couldn’t see my own problem, Ashley could. Her questions helped me think more deeply about what I was experiencing and how I was contributing to the exact problem I was trying to solve.  She glows with enthusiasm and care, and I really felt that she had my back the whole time.  I’d highly recommend her for someone looking for the support and encouragement to make bold life changes.

Erika D.