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Ashley Jangro

Hi, I'm Ashley Jangro

This is my story

These are my people

They're actually the very best. But that doesn't mean we don't struggle. 

Two of my kids struggle with anxiety. Two with ADHD. One with depressive symptoms. One with a processing disorder. We have kids with learning disorders and gifted kids.

We have a lot of kids, which means we have so much joy, and so many challenges. 

When these challenges felt like they were more than I could handle, I reached out for help. For a program, or a book, or a therapist that could provide the support to my child that I believed I could not. 

But the options available were overwhelming, confusing, too expensive or had long waiting lists. 

This led me to return to school to become a counselor. When I had to postpone my degree (just a few credits short of completing it!) due to the pandemic, I became certified as a Life Coach. As my life transformed, it had a huge impact on the lives of my kids. 

As my mental health improved, theirs did too. 

The way I interacted with them, the way I shared my growth with them, the way I raised them, changed. 

I slowly realized that being mentally strong allowed me to raise mentally strong kids. Prioritizing my own health so I was strong, as well as having an experiential knowledge of the tools I could share with them, made all the difference.

This led me to building my signature program, Mentally Strong Mom Method (MSMM). When you've built the mental strength, learned the strategies, and are receiving the support you need, you are in the best position to help your kids become mentally well. Because mentally strong moms raise mentally strong kids. 

New cohorts for the MSMM program open several times throughout the year.

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Even when I couldn’t see my own problem, Ashley could. Her questions helped me think more deeply about what I was experiencing and how I was contributing to the exact problem I was trying to solve.  She glows with enthusiasm and care, and I really felt that she had my back the whole time.  I’d highly recommend her for someone looking for the support and encouragement to make bold life changes.

Erika D.